Get More Sales and Build Trust Using Social Proof

Adding BuzzHub to your website is proven to build visitor’s trust, create urgency, and increase conversions by up to 15% per page.

Easy setup & integration on any website

Features you love without complicated tech

BuzzHub boosts sales by showcasing customer engagement, building trust, and driving quick conversions.

Drive Sales with Recent Activity

Recent Activity displays a live feed of real users taking action on your site, creating a sense of trust and urgency. It’s ideal for high-traffic areas like your homepage, content sign-ups, and webinar registrations, showing visitors that others are actively engaging and prompting them to do the same.

BuzzHub Service Image - Visitor Count

Create Urgency with Live Visitor Count

Live Visitor Count displays how many people are currently viewing your site or a specific page, highlighting demand and creating a sense of urgency. It’s perfect for limited-time offers, product sales, bookings, and event ticket pages, encouraging visitors to act quickly before they miss out.

Boost Your Credibility with Hot Streaks

Hot Streaks shows how many people recently took action on your site, making your pages look active and popular. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas like content sign-ups, webinar registrations, and free trials. Seeing others engage builds trust and encourages more visitors to take action too.

BuzzHub Service Image - Hot Streaks

Quick and Easy Setup

Get started in minutes with a single line of code. No tech skills needed, just copy and paste.

Customizable Campaigns

Tailor notifications to fit your brand. Adjust settings quickly to connect with your audience.

Real-Time Analytics

See your campaign results instantly. Get clear insights on visitor actions and conversions.

Third-Party Integration

Connect seamlessly with tools like Zapier. Keep your data flowing smoothly across platforms.

Advanced User Targeting

Send the right message at the right time. Personalize based on user attributes.

Enhanced Mobile Experience

Enjoy a great look and smooth function on all devices. Mobile-ready notifications for any screen.

Why Use BuzzHub?

Have you ever been even more excited to try a new restaurant because you see it’s busy and popular?
Well, same goes for your website…

Trust Is Key to Success

Turn your website into an engaging space that encourages buyers to take action. Show your visitors they aren’t alone—make it feel like a lively community.

Word of Mouth Effect

Sometimes it’s hard for visitors to see how popular a website is. With BuzzHub, your site feels active and trustworthy, like a busy market.

Generate More Sales, Guaranteed.

BuzzHub helps you sell more by showing recent purchases and customer reviews, making your site more convincing and trustworthy.

Simple Setup, Real Results

BuzzHub is a tool that makes selling easier by showing off how much people like your product, helping you earn trust and sell more, fast.

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Install BuzzHub

With just one line of text

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Create popups

Setup & customize your notifications

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Boost sales & grow

Generate conversions & growth.

“BuzzHub is a no brainer for increasing conversions. We’ve only had it a month and it’s paid for itself dozens of times over.”

– Dennis Holden, LinkPod